It is a well known fact that women are attracted to all things shiny. In fact, women are so obsessed with jewelry that they try to integrate it in all aspects of their lives. Nail jewelry has been a popular trend for a few years now. Furthermore celebrities go as far as wearing absurdly expensive nail accessories. If you want to add a touch of glamor to your look, there are a few such jewelry accessories that you might want to try. However, one shouldn’t spend a month’s rent on jewelry for nails. The fact is that if worn properly, even cheap nail accessories can look glamorous.

Nail piercings
These are probably the only piercings which are completely pain free. However, before drilling a hole through a nail, one must consider a few factors. For starters, it is always better to pierce artificial nails. However, if one wishes to pierce natural nails, it is best if the procedure is done by a professional. Nail salons use a special mechanic or electric nail drill which pierces the nail without damaging the natural nail plate. It is recommended to pierce either the ring finger or the little finger since these two fingers are less involved in daily tasks therefore the piercing won’t be uncomfortable. There are several types of nail piercings to choose from. Some feature a bead, others a small talisman and the most sophisticated ones even have a small chain attached. One can use all types of metals with this type of jewelry for nails but it is best to choose piercings made of metals that won’t oxidize.

Nail rings
Nail rings are a simple way to make one’s nail look glamorous and sophisticated. They don’t require any preparation. These type of jewelry for nails are simple rings which are small enough in order to fit on the lower part of the finger. They have an extension that covers a nail either totally or partially. These type of nail jewelries can be made from any metals. People who really value luxury choose nail rings made of gold with imbedded precious stones.

Imbedded gems
The gel nail trend has revealed a new way of embellishing the nails. If sticking gems on nails with special glues can be quite tricky, imbedding gems in gel is a lot safer. Some people go as far as imbedding real diamonds in their gel nails. This is probably the most sophisticated type of jewelry for nails. However, a gem does not have to be precious in order to be included in a nail design. There are plenty of cheap stones that can look just as sophisticated as diamonds when they are imbedded in nail gel. The thing is that in order for a precious stone to shine at its full potential, it needs to be mounted on a jewelry in way in which the light exposes the brilliance of that stone. Therefore no matter how expensive a precious stone is, part of its brilliance will be lost when it is stuck in nail gel. Therefore, you can get a similar glamorous effect with a cheaper stone.

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