If you want to buy women’s jewelry which will be admired by everyone without costing a fortune, consider sapphire jewelry pieces. Versatile and bright, blue sapphire earrings can be worn in several combinations, with any outfit, regardless the occasion. Either you choose to wear them and make an impression or surprise somebody you love with a precious gift, blue sapphire earrings are definitely a great option. There are many trendy styles of blue sapphire earrings, all you have to do is choose the one that you like best.

A great way to enjoy the warm seasons is to wear delicate 14K white gold butterfly blue sapphire earrings. The butterfly wings are represented by four pear-shaped blue sapphires, two of medium size for the bottom wings and two larger ones for the upper wings, while the body of the delicate butterfly is made of a 0.04 diamond. The price tag for these butterfly blue sapphire earrings is about $449.

For a romantic approach, go for the white 14K gold heart/butterfly blue sapphire earrings. The heart-shaped blue sapphires are accompanied by an intricate butterfly in white gold highlighted with a tiny diamond. If you want to buy women’s jewelry with sapphire stones, these earrings cost about $225. These jewelry designs are lovely and endearing, and there is a great aesthetic quality about them. They can make for a great gift, but you could also offer them you yourself, treat you with something nice that will keep its value. Such jewelry designs aren’t available everywhere, so you’ll also have the advantage of uniqueness.

If you want to make a bold statement, choose the fabulous pave blue sapphire earrings in 18K yellow gold. These earrings radiate color from their rows of five blue pave sapphires on each with rhodium in black intermingled. With a spectacular design and a total weight of 1.45 carats, these earrings measure 5mm in width and 9-16th in length. Their price tag is around $1200.

The diamond and 1.38 round blue sapphire earrings successfully add elegance to your chic look. Made of 14K yellow gold, these earrings feature beautiful round blue sapphires of 6mm accompanied by round-shaped sparkling diamonds. The intricate setting sports a patterned v-type effect for additional delicacy. These earrings cost about $600.

All these trendy styles of blue sapphire earrings are a winning choice for your look and they will surely attract many compliments.

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